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Welcome to the Sequim Good Governance League

Good Governance builds community. Irresponsible governance divides community.

Critical City Council Election.
Good Governance at Risk!

SGGL is gearing up for another critical City Council election this November. Four of the seven seats are on the ballot. Mayor Tom Ferrell is running unopposed and the other three seats are shaping up as a contest between three Good Governance-supported candidates (Kathy Downer, Dan Butler and Harmony Rutter) and three individuals who we believe would bring divisive governance back to Sequim. 

We are STRONGLY supporting Councilor Kathy Downer for reelection. This year she has decided to shift to Position 1 in order to take on William Armacost (formerly known as Sequim's QAnon Mayor).

We have also worked hard to help recruit two AMAZING candidates (and human beings) for open seats - Dan Butler for Position 2 (running against Jim Black) and Harmony Rutter for Position 6 (running against Patrick Day).  


You can learn more about Kathy, Dan, and Harmony and find links to support their campaigns by clicking on their photos below. 

How you can help with the 2023 Election

   If we get the vote out, we win. You can help by:

  • Telling all of your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, neighbors, and anyone you run into on the street about the importance of this election and to vote for Kathy, Dan and Harmony.


  • Donating money to Kathy, Dan and Harmony's campaigns (the links to their websites can be found by clicking their photos above or going to the "2023 Endorsed Candidates" tab.

  • Writing a Letter to the Editor of the Peninsula Daily News or Sequim Gazette in September or October in support of Kathy, Dan and Harmony.

  • Helping with door-to-door canvassing, which will be organized for the four weekends in October. Stay tuned for more information.

  • Donating to the SGGL PAC (button to the left) in order to pay for the Postcards and Flyers we will be printing and mailing in support of Kathy, Dan, and Harmony.



The Sequim Good Governance League was formed to promote good governance in the City of Sequim. The league supports transparency, reasoned dialogue, and respect for individuals within the City administration, the City Council, and among citizens of Sequim and surrounding community. 

SGGL has two components: 

1) an educational organization (SGGL) to promote good governance; and

2) a political organization (SGGL PAC) to help elect good governance candidates.

SGGL in the News

The Nation

Our successful journey is the cover story on The Nation Magazine. Reporter Sasha Abramsky interviewed many people in our town and including people involved in good governance getting our new city council positions filled and new mayor appointed.


This story features the OLD mayor and his like minded council members and the way they were running Sequim's government. It touches and how we all pulled together and voted them out. Yay!!

The Sequim Good Governance League Story

The confluence of events that took over 2020—the pandemic, an epidemic, rising awareness of systemic racism, a tumultuous federal election—revealed that national and global forces can intrude on Sequim’s civic concerns. A democratic-republic requires good governance to navigate such complexity. The Sequim Good Governance League was formed to support and promote good governance in Sequim and the surrounding Sequim-Dungeness Valley area. Good governance thrives on honesty, integrity, openness, inclusiveness, and accountability, using facts, reason, and ethical behaviors to develop non-partisan solutions that serve and protect the residents of Sequim. 





Local governmental institutions in the greater Sequim area (the Sequim-Dungeness Valley) serve the needs and interests of the entire community through established best practices of good governance. Good governance is based on, among other things: honesty, integrity, accessibility, inclusiveness, transparency, equity, diversity, competence, accountability, using facts and reason, exhibiting ethical behaviors, and respecting the rule of law.

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