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Good Governance and Transparency Putting our Money where our Mouth is

Being the Treasurer of the SGGL PAC is a real honor and a fun project after working as a licensed CPA in the State of Washington between 1982 and 2019, when I retired. Now I carry the designation of “CPA-retired”, which is a special designation granted by the state through WAC 4-30-058 (not that you will be tested on this bit of obscure trivia).

The reason I mention this is that my ethics and the ethical standards of my profession tightly align with the SGGL PAC and the Sequim Good Governance League, especially the SGGL Vision Statement:

Local governmental institutions in the greater Sequim area (the Sequim-Dungeness Valley) serve the needs and interests of the entire community through established best practices of good governance. Good governance is based on, among other things: honesty, integrity, accessibility, inclusiveness, transparency, equity, diversity, competence, accountability, using facts and reason, exhibiting ethical behaviors, and respecting the rule of law.

To put our money where our mouth is (so to speak), the SGGL PAC has put together copies of all financial records, turned these documents into PDF files, and posted them in the SGGL PAC’s Library.

You can find all of this material at

Now that’s what I call Good Governance and Transparency.

Dale Jarvis, SGGL PAC Treasurer

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Great going Dale….thanks for your service!

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