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Hall and Armacost Claim No Association with QAnon. SGGL Board Member Weighs In.

Note: The following blog post is a Letter to the Editor that was submitted to the Peninsula Daily News on July 18, 2021. Note that the PDN chose not to publish this letter.

The PDN article quotes Donnie Hall as saying he has changed his mind about QAnon, the right-wing conspiracy theory movement. After calling it a platform for forgotten voices, he now believes it’s a hoax.

QAnon IS just that—a right-wing conspiracy theory movement. That is why Armacost can deny belonging to it. It’s not an organization—it’s a belief system. Hall says it’s only a promotion of the media. It IS and has been promoted through social media only. There is coded language used in social media by Armacost and others that is recognized by all who identify themselves as believers.

People storming the Capital January 6 th were wearing clothing advertising Q. In a Washington Post article published June 8, 2021, Tim Elfrink wrote ‘one of them, Douglas Jensen, later told police that he purposely jumped to the front of the crowd because he wanted his QAnon T-shirt to be prominently seen on TV, so that “Q” would “get the credit” for the insurrection.’

Hall cannot erase this ugly reality with a few words. He echoes Trump’s “it’s a hoax.” Simply dismissing it does not make it true.


Candace Pratt

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