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New Project - SGGL Question of the Day

Today we are starting a new project to liven up the conversation in the community.

Why is today, July 24, 2021, considered Day 100 in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley? (multiple choice question)

a. The first Irrigation Festival in Sequim began 100 days ago, 100 years ago.

b. For the first time in recorded history, there will be a lunar eclipse every day for the next 100 days.

c. The November 2021 election will take place 100 days from now.


Today, July 24 2021, marks 100 days until the November 2nd election. To acknowledge this important date, the Sequim Good Governance League is rolling out a half dozen important changes to support our effort to reclaim and improve our community.

1. Simplifying our message: Our message is simple: "Good Governance builds community, irresponsible governance divides". We think this says it all (or at least, a lot).

2. Question of the Day: Starting today, we will be posting a question each day on the SGGL website and Facebook pages. The questions are intended to help us think about the kind of community we want, examine examples of good and irresponsible government, and be thought provoking. Today's blog post begins this project.

3. Political Action Committee (PAC): In late June we created a PAC for the purpose of separating our watchdog activities from our efforts to get our slate of endorsed candidates elected (Rachel Anderson, Kathy Downer, Brandon Janisse, Vicki Lowe, and Lowell Rathbun). Unlike most PACs, we are non-partisan because good governance is not a Republican or Democrat idea, it's a small d (democratic) idea. Our PAC is registered with the Washington Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) in order to align with our belief that good governance is fully transparent. You can find our filings at

4. $3,000 Fundraising Campaign: We are kicking off a campaign to raise $3,000 for the SGGL PAC to fund efforts to help elect all five of our endorsed candidates. This will include our postcard campaign (already under way), Facebook ads, newspaper advertising, and more. Our new "Donate to the SGGL PAC" button will be on our SGGL homepage beginning Monday 7/26 and is live at our DonorBox site now at: Please consider making a small donation.

5. Regular Blog Posts: We are pulling together a group of writers to create regular blog posts about good governance, the upcoming election, our slate of endorsed candidates, and other issues relevant to our mission. Stay tuned for the creative writing that will be posted on the SGGL website and Facebook. And if you are interested in contributing, please write us at

6. Website Updates: We are updating our website to better support the above changes: an Election Day Counter, Donation Button, 100 Questions List, and Blog Posts. Check it out at

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