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Dan Butler

I am running for Sequim City Council because I am committed to being of service. Through my work on the Sequim Planning Commission, I have become familiar with the challenges and opportunities we have as a city. It has been my pleasure to to get to know and work with the dedicated professional city staff who keep our city services running day to day. 


While it would be easier to sit back and relax as we move into retirement, I am wired to look for ways to be of service.


Sequim’s people depend on council members who are committed to ethical conduct, integrity, and transparency. We need council members who value diverse perspectives, consider them, and seek consensus. We want to thrive and grow responsibly while considering those among us who have the least. 

These are the values I will bring to City Council Position 2 and I ask for your vote.

Dan Butler for Sequim City Council

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I believe my experience as a Sequim City Council member, and former member of the Sequim Planning Commission is a continuation of my service as a former 3 term councilwoman in Ohio. 

My 43 years as a nurse taught me to analyze facts and situations before deciding which option to act on. 

Among other specialties, I worked in OB, opened two disaster shelters, and have experience as an alcohol and drug nurse.

Sequim's careful planning for the future includes responsible fiscal considerations. Our city has plans for a new deep water well and a new lift station to accommodate future population growth.

High speed internet is fundamental to the success of our medical buildings and schools. Industry such as Marine, Timber, and Forestry need more WiFi to thrive.

As a member of the Clallam County Transit Board, I am looking forward to expanded bus and microtransit in Sequim. Offering alternative modes of transportation must be encouraged to help our air quality. 

Housing is a human right and should not be viewed as a commodity. Local governments do not build housing, they collaborate with agencies that do. The Sequim City Council has been working on Workforce housing while updating the ordinances for Accessory Dwelling Units, occupying commercial buildings downtown, and changing zoning to allow for multifamily units on larger lots.


My work is not done.

Please vote for Kathy Downer Sequim City Council position #1.

Thank you.



Harmony Rutter

I am running for Sequim City Council because I love our community. During the almost 4 decades of my life, I have been honored to call Kitsap and Clallam County my home. Since 2019, my sweetheart, our two kids, and I have been creating a home in Sequim. I consider myself lucky to share this place with you. Together, we can build a brighter future for our city. My mission is to bring a holistic approach to city governance. I want to support our economic growth, infrastructure, accessibility, schools, housing and public safety.

I am passionate about supporting the dedicated and professional Sequim City Staff and I believe in taking a collaborative approach to decision-making. I encourage civic engagement and civil discourse in our community and look forward to hearing from you about how we can build on the success of our predecessors and foster an equitable community for our descendants. It would be a privilege to be your elected representative at City Hall. I hope you will join me on this journey and elect me to City Council.

Harmony Rutter for Sequim City Council

Dan Butler
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