SGGL 100 Questions Project

We are now in the window of 100 Days until the November 2021 General Election and are posing 100 questions in 100 days to inform, challenge, and inspire community members to dig into issues important to all of us.

Keep checking what's added here and on Facebook, stay safe, and have fun.

Day 35, 9/27/2021


During this last week of September, we are digging into questions about how to get good governance candidates elected. See Day 41 for the complete list.

Did you know that YARD SIGNS are known as political mushrooms because they pop up in yards and street corners during the campaign season?

Did you know that YARD SIGNS have been demonstrated to increase name recognition and voter turnout?


If you need signs, please write us at or contact the candidates directly at

Day 36, 9/26/2021


All of the Sequim City Council Candidates have spoken about the problem of lack of housing. Sarah Kincaid and other candidates supported by Donnie Hall have a solution: “We really need to look at our fees. I think that’s a drawback for a lot of people in building.”

We believe this is another example of “building better community for the FEW” (only the developers) because there is little evidence that lowering building fees is ever passed along to the consumer in the form of lower purchase or rental prices.

Are we missing something here?

Day 37, 9/25/2021


How important is a strong local free press to good governance?

Are you subscribed to the Sequim Gazette and the Peninsula Daily News?

What other sources of local news do you support?

Day 38, 9/24/2021

the psychology of pandemics.png

Do you believe that empathy is an essential good governance quality for an elected official, especially during a pandemic?

Do you believe this includes understanding all of the perspectives of our neighbors regarding masks, vaccinations, business challenges, and more?

Did you know that in 2019 (before the pandemic began), a psychologist at the University of British Columbia published the “The Psychology of Pandemics” where he predicted just about everything that’s been unfolding in the last 19 months?

Check out this article about the book and let us know what you think.

Day 39, 9/23/2021

Today’s question addresses registering to vote in Clallam County.


Question 1: Are you 100% certain that you are registered to vote?

Click on this link to double check:


Question 2: After you’ve checked your voter registration status, what do you do if they have the wrong name or address?

Click on the same link and update your information:


Question 3: What do you do if you’re not registered yet?

Click on this link to the Clallam County Auditor to learn how to register online, by mail or in person.


Question 4: What’s the deadline for registering to vote in Clallam County (and Washington State)?

October 25, 2021 if you’re registering online or by mail; November 2, 2021 by 8pm (voting day) if you’re registering in person.

Day 40, 9/22/2021

What do you think of the following idea?

One or more good governance Sequim City Councilors propose an alternative resolution to the destructive and chaos-producing one passed on Monday 9/13/21, where the new resolution actually promotes the health and safety of local residents and economic security of local businesses?

See our question of the day 49 for an example of what we’re suggesting:

Day 41, 9/21/2021

What can YOU do in the next 41 day to help fix the Sequim City Council?


#1: Put Candidate Signs in Your Yard or a Friend's Yard.

#2: Make a Donation to SGGL.


#3: Hand Out 4" x 9" Candidate Endorsement Cards

#4: Door to Door Canvassing for the five City Council Candidates.

#5: Phone Banking with the Clallam County Democrats.


For details on how to help:

Day 42, 9/20/2021

Are you as concerned about the outcome of the upcoming election as we are?

Are you among the 97% of the population who are NOT political activists but still want to do SOMETHING?

Did you know there are six different types of “changemakers”, covering the gamut from extrovert to ambivert to introvert?

Did you know that The Story of Stuff people have a seven-question quiz that may help you figure out the best way for YOU to make a difference?

Take the quiz here:

And then tell us about what you discovered.

Days 44 and 43, 9/18-19/2021

Did you know that our social media director and board member, PJ Harris is moving this weekend and we are giving her a couple of days of rest?

Day 45, 9/17/2021

What do you think of the following idea?

One or more good governance Sequim City Councilors propose an alternative resolution to the destructive and chaos-producing one passed on Monday 9/13/21, where the new resolution actually promotes the health and safety of local residents and economic security of local businesses?

See our question of the day 49 for an example of what we’re suggesting:

Day 45, 9/17/2021

Did you know that Sequim City Council Candidates Rachel Anderson, Kathy Downer, Brandon Janisse, Vicki Lowe and Lowell Rathbun have all been endorsed by the Sequim Good Governance League, Sequim Education Association and Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe because they…

  • practice open & transparent governance

  • unite, not divide our community

  • protect the health and safety of citizens

  • represent the diversity of our community

  • seek solutions to affordable housing

  • support our business community

For more information:

Day 46, 9/16/2021

We are dumbfounded. Can someone explain to us why in the world the Sequim City Council majority of Keith Larkin, Sarah Kincaid, Mike Pence, and William Armacost would undermine the healthcare workers in our community, bring chaos and disruption to an already overwhelmed local restaurant industry, undermine our public health officials, mislead residents into thinking that they have rescinded Dr. Berry’s order within the city limits, and threaten the lives of vulnerable members of our community?

Day 47, 9/15/2021

Do you know what a PAC is? It's a political action committee. What does it do? It is a political committee organized for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates.


Now, did you know that Sequim Good Governance League has a PAC? Yes! We are committed to doing our part to get our endorsed candidates elected.


Learn all about it here:

Day 48, 9/14/2021

Did you know we have a page on our website dedicated to informing you about the candidates Sequim Good Governance League endorses?


There is a brief summary about each candidate and links to their websites.


Please copy the link and share it. We are all ready to have #goodgovernance in Sequim! Thank you!

Day 49, 9/13/2021

Today’s question is connected to the controversial City Council Resolution R2021 Expressing Support for our Small Businesses and Essential Workers’ Individual Rights.

Question: What do you think of SGGL’s edits to reflect what a City Council practicing good governance should be considering during the time of COVID?



1) to stand in strong support of the people in the City of Sequim and anyone else in the County, and the State that believe their health is being jeopardized by extremists pushing anti-vaccination misinformation, and

2) stand in strong support of all our state workers, educators and healthcare workers whose lives are being put at risk by extremists pushing anti-vaccination misinformation, and

3) stand in strong support with our restaurant/bar owners who are following the science behind the pandemic and Dr. Berry’s proof of vaccination order so their restaurants can operate at full capacity and regain financial viability, and

4) condemn any form of discrimination towards any person following the science behind the pandemic and Dr. Berry’s efforts to keep our entire community safe.


P.s. Here’s a link to Mayor Armacost’s version:

Day 50, 9/12/2021

Time for a reality check…

Has Dr. Berry, Governor Inslee or President Biden turned to tyranny and an illegal power grab?

Can the government mandate vaccines?

Across history, repeatedly, and overwhelmingly, the United States Courts have said yes to vaccination mandates!

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this ten minute special report video from Ari Melber if you want the straight legal analysis.

The bottom line: “If someone else tells you this is definitely unconstitutional or not the American tradition, they’re either lying to you or don’t know what they’re talking about.”

Day 51, 9/11/2021

Where were you on 9/11/2001?


What’s one way this tragic, brain-searing event changed your perspective on life?


What’s one thing you can do today to acknowledge and recognize those who were injured or lost their lives on that day and in the 20 years since then in actions related to 9/11 (Americans, Afghans, Iraqis, and others)?


How have 9/11-related actions by the US leadership made more safe or less safe over these last 20 years?


How are recent actions by the Sequim City Council making us more safe or less safe in 2021 and beyond?

Day 52, 9/10/2021

Good governance requires careful deliberation in the hiring of a new Sequim City Manager. That includes both the City Council and SGGL members not rushing to judgment about the four finalist candidates.


Have you read the resumes of the four finalists? What stands out most for you? Note that Patrick Comiskey has withdrawn from contention.


Did you participate in yesterday’s Virtual Public Reception for Sequim City Manager Candidates? What are your main takeaways about the four candidates?


Do you agree with the SGGL Board that this hiring process is a politically motivated rush by a group of Councilors who are afraid of losing their majority on the City Council in November and an example of self-serving, irresponsible governance?

Day 53, 9/9/2021

Do you know about the two upcoming City Manager hiring events?


September 9 Virtual Public Reception for Sequim City Manager Candidates

Are you interested in meeting and posing questions to the Sequim City Manager Candidates this evening, Thursday September 9th, 6:00-7:30pm via Zoom?


The public is invited to a virtual reception via Zoom to meet the candidates for the Sequim City Manager position on Thursday, September 9 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting can be joined by going to or by calling 1-253-215-8782 and using Meeting ID: 817 4479 0068. The reception will include a brief introduction to the candidates followed by break out rooms where residents can converse with individual candidates.

Day 54, 9/8/2021

The Peninsula Daily News reported today that 8 of the 10 Sequim City Council Candidates will be participating in the League of Women Voters virtual forum on September 29, from 6:00 to 8:00pm.


The PDN also reported: Office-holders Sarah Kincaid, Position 2, and Mike Pence, Position 3, declined to participate. Kincaid said she’s attended previous League forums “they are not my cup of tea with too many ‘gotcha questions.’” Pence said he’s not participating because he had the understanding the forum was in Port Angeles and not conducted by local people.”


Since this is the only legitimate full-candidate forum being held that is open to the public, how do you think the public will be able to hear responses from those not participating and how would their lack of participation affect your vote?


Do you have friends, relatives or neighbors living in Sequim who may be undecided?


Would you be willing to ask three of them how Kincaid and Pence’s reasons for not attending the forum will affect their vote?

Day 55, 9/7/2021

"We’re not just fighting an epidemic; we’re fighting an infodemic." (Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization)


Does this sound too close to home if you happen to be listening to the Clallam County Commissioners’ COVID Public Comment this morning?


What suggestions do you have for protecting our community from misinformation?

Day 56, 9/6/2021

Question: In a Council-Manager form of government (see Note below), what is the single most important job of the City Council?


Answer: Hiring a City Manager who is responsible for hiring and supervising all city staff and administering the affairs of the city.


Question: Did you know that interviews with five City Manager candidates are scheduled this week, September 9 and 10?


Question: Did you know that the candidates were told that if any of them are uncomfortable traveling to Sequim due to the extremely high rate of COVID spread in the community, they could choose to interview virtually rather than in person.


Question: Do you think the rush to proceed with interviewing City Manager candidates this week is good governance in light of having an extremely competent interim City Manager (Charisse Deschenes), 56 days to the election, and a pandemic that’s getting worse by the day?


Note: The council-manager form aims to improve public services and make them more efficient by introducing professional management and removing politics from the day-to-day administration. This is based on the model of a business with a board of directors that appoints a chief executive officer; another familiar public example is the school board-superintendent relationship.

Day 57, 9/5/2021

Have you seen today’s Peninsula Daily News Sunday Editorial, “Join in fighting common enemy”?


What do you think of their leading paragraphs?


“The enemy isn’t Dr. Allison Berry or Dr. Anthony Fauci. It isn’t Tucker Carlson or any of the others who argue against health mandates. The enemy is a deadly virus. It isn’t a political issue. It isn’t a conspiracy. It isn’t an excuse for anything else. None of us want it to be here, but however it came about, here it is. We have to deal with it.”


And what do you think of their ending paragraphs?


“So the mandate that came into effect on Saturday has been met with great relief by many. Far from hurting business, we believe that the mandate will ensure businesses flourish. Because there are more vaccinated people than unvaccinated on the North Olympic Peninsula. And now we can go out.”

Day 58, 9/4/2021

Knowing that irresponsible governance divides community, we are stunned at Mayor Armacost’s video statement posted on Twitter yesterday pledging to fight what he termed unconstitutional vaccine mandates: “I’ve been working with my council, we are going to have a resolution specifically dealing with this mandate to keep our businesses afloat.” “And I’m not going to roll over because some people want to control us and take away our rights.”


Note that this came one week after his public statements on Coffee with the Mayor: “I follow the rules from our health official Dr. Unthank.” (Dr Berry) "I will follow the advice of the medical professionals who are experts in their fields."


We also learned today from Undersheriff Ron Cameron that “Today’s numbers were over 1000 per 100,000. A reporter pointed out that’s one in ten that have COVID. Wow. That is the worst in the State.”


Question: What would the good governance model suggest an elected official should do to demonstrate they are here for all constituents?


Question: What can you do today to let your friends and neighbors know about the importance of being kind to already overworked restaurant staff?


For more background information, check out:

Day 59, 9/3/2021

What do you think of City Council Candidate Lowell Rathbun’s questions for his fellow City Council Candidates?


Are you vaccinated and do you wear a mask in public? Will you urge your fellow unvaccinated citizens to get vaccinated, and urge all of us to wear a mask in public and to comply with the governor’s indoor mask mandate?


What do you think of Lowell’s answer?


Yes to all of the above.


And what questions would YOU like to ask Lowell and other candidates this evening, Friday 9/3, 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the Civic Plaza?

Day 60, 9/2/2021

Did you attend our first Candidate Meet 'n' Greet this past Tuesday?

Don't want to have FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)?

Join us this Friday at Civic Plaza from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. for one-stop shopping to pick up candidate literature and signs and ask questions of the candidates! Masking is strongly encouraged. Whether you can make it or not, we have an "ask" for you - please share this event in your social media groups and on your own page to help get the word out!"

Day 61, 9/1/2021

Welcome to September. Have you seen today’s SGGL letter to the editor in the Peninsula Daily News, “No Appearance of Fairness”?


Did you know that 30% of the households in zip code 98382 (Sequim) subscribe to the Peninsula Daily News and 23% to the Sequim Gazette?


Did you know that if two dozen SGGL members wrote a single letter to the editor about the upcoming election, we could see three letters each week in the newspapers and reach many voters who know nothing about the SGGL-endorsed candidates?

The word count is limited to 250 words. 


The link to write an LTE to the Gazette is


The link for the PDN is


Did you know that there are tons of articles on how to write an effective letter to the editor?

Day 62, 8/31/2021

What are you doing on this last day of August 2021, between 5:00 and 6:00pm?


Do you have an interest in meeting some of the SGGL-endorsed candidates, ask question, pick up yard signs and literature, sign up to volunteer, and learn other ways to help bring good governance back to the Sequim City Council?


If the answer to the above two questions is YES or MAYBE, consider coming to the 𝗖𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲 𝗠𝗲𝗲𝘁, 𝗚𝗿𝗲𝗲𝘁, 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗠𝗮𝘆𝗯𝗲 𝗛𝗲𝗹𝗽 𝗢𝘂𝘁 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗻𝘁 at the covered picnic table area at Carrie Blake Park across the parking lot from the Guy Cole Center.

Day 63, 8/30/2021

Speaking of good governance, did you know that the Clallam League of Women Voters is an amazing nonpartisan organization that never endorses or opposes political parties or candidates, but is political?

Did you know they have a Mission of empowering voters and defending democracy? And a Vision of a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge, and the confidence to participate?

And did you know that the League Is planning on having one of their world-famous Sequim City Council Candidate Forums at the end of September (details to follow)? And will be looking for great questions from the community to ask at the Forum?

For more information, check out

Day 64, 8/29/2021

How do you prefer to get your information on candidates?


A. Their websites

B. Candidate forums

C. The Voters Guide

Day 65, 8/28/2021

Good Governance builds community, irresponsible governance divides community. Irresponsible governance also wastes taxpayer dollars. Keeping that in mind, how much is it costing Sequim taxpayers to replace the former City Manager, Charlie Bush? (multiple choice question)

a) $1,500 - $2,500

b) $15,000 - $25,000

c) $150,000 - $250,000

d) $1,500,000 - $2,500,000

Note: Look at tomorrow’s Question of the Day for the answer.

Day 66, 8/27/2021

Name this dynamic SGGL-endorsed candidate:

“I’m Committed, Compassionate, and Community Oriented!!”

"I am running for city council because I feel that there isn’t enough representation for low-income and young families in our area.”

“Our country has been so divided and I believe it’s past time for us to come together to make Sequim better.”

“We may not see eye-to-eye, but we can still respect each other.”

“We may disagree, but we can agree that we love Sequim and we want what is best for the community."


Day 67, 8/26/2021

Did you know that the SGGL is hosting six SGGL-endorsed candidate events between now and the election on the following dates?

  • Thursday August 26, 2021 (this evening), 7:00-8:00pm, Zoom: Candidate Updates at the SGGL Monthly Membership Meeting.

  • Tuesday, August 31, 5-6pm, Carrie Blake Park: Candidate Meet-Greet-And-Maybe-Help-Out Event at the picnic table across from the Guy Cole Center before the Concert in the Park.

  • Friday, September 3, 5-6pm, Civic Center Community Plaza: Candidate Meet-Greet-And-Maybe-Help-Out Event to coincide with the First Friday Art Walk.

  • Thursday September 23, 2021, 7:00-8:00pm, Zoom: Candidate Updates at the SGGL Monthly Membership Meeting.

  • Early October, Date and Time to be Determined, Zoom: SGGL-endorsed Candidates Panel.

  • Thursday October 28, 2021, 7:00-8:00pm, Zoom: Candidate Updates at the SGGL Monthly Membership Meeting.

Mark your calendars!

Day 68, 8/25/2021

Are you eligible to vote in the Sequim City Council races? If not, why are you interested in helping elect the SGGL-endorsed candidates?

(Note: We’re asking because we want to compile a list of reasons to use in our campaign materials.)

Day 69, 8/24/2021

Today’s question is a bit of a brain teaser. Good luck with it.

Background: When the Sequim City Council calendar was approved in January 2021, there were no meetings scheduled in August. That has been the tradition so that staff and council can schedule vacations well in advance, knowing they won’t miss meetings.

Accordingly, the August 23 meeting was cancelled “to accommodate vacations,” but an Aug 26th special meeting was added to narrow down the list of City Manager candidates. This was done even though the Mayor knew that Councilors Janisse and Ferrell could not attend due to work and vacation, respectively. Councilor Ferrell’s repeated requests to postpone the meeting until he returned were ignored.

Question: Do you consider this action collaborative, collegial and good governance? If not, why do you think the August 26th meeting wasn’t postponed?

Day 70, 8/23/2021

Today’s two-part question digs into one aspect of helping elect the SGGL-endorsed candidates – Lowell Rathbun, Vicki Lowe, Brandon Janisse, Kathy Downer, and Rachel Anderson.

Question 1: What do you think about the idea of placing a couple large (4’ x 8’) SGGL signs in well-trafficked locations asking people to vote for our good governance candidates?

Question 2: Do you have any suggestions for well-trafficked locations where the property owner would be interested in letting us put up such a sign?

Day 71, 8/22/2021

Who is the only candidate for Sequim City Council that is actually running for reelection (as defined by: they’ve already been elected to City Council) and has consistently demonstrated good governance behaviors and actions?

Day 72, 8/21/2021

Mistakes happen. Even elected officials can have less-than-perfect moments. It’s how they handle it afterwards that speaks to their character. What action by our elected officials do you feel were questionable in the past year and how do you think their response could have demonstrated leadership, professionalism, and good governance?

Day 73, 8/20/2021

One of the SGGL-endorsed candidates has deep roots in the community, having descended from both pioneer family and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and has lived in the Sequim area for 50+ years. This candidate has decades of experience working in health and social services administration and policy development and is on the Washington State Women’s Commission and the City of Sequim’s Planning Commission.

Two questions:

  1. What is the candidate’s name?

  2. What was the name of the grocery store/gas station at Fifth and Washington Streets that the candidate started working at when she was eleven years old?

For a hint:

Day 74, 8/19/2021

How can an elected official demonstrate nonpartisanship that shows a willingness to be receptive to all constituents?

Day 75, 8/18/2021

Which SGGL-endorsed Sequim City Council candidate is a retired nurse; a three-term member of the Marietta Ohio City Council; a member of the Sequim Planning Commission; has deep city councilor experience with the bread and butter issues of policing, fire, water, sewer, streets, traffic, storm water, local businesses, and bike paths; has a great description of why we need some serious changes on the City Council; and, if that’s not enough, can teach you CPR and First Aid?

No cheating, but do check out this website:

Day 76, 8/17/2021

Today we start a deep dive into the five SGGL-endorsed candidates.

Have you had a chance to read Lowell Rathbun’s fabulous and comprehensive July 14, 2021 post entitled “Priorities for Sequim”?

Do you think the eight priorities Lowell has identified reflects our community’s needs? Any additions?

  • Restore good governance to Sequim city council

  • Address the affordable housing crisis

  • Increase the delivery of human services

  • More broadband

  • Combat climate change

  • Identify and reduce systemic racism

  • Diversify Sequim’s economic base

  • Protect the environment

Read the full story at:

Day 77, 8/16/2021

Today’s four-part question is based on the assumption that good governance includes ensuring the safety of everyone in the community.


Are you aware that starting Monday, August 16, 2021, a universal masking mandate will go into effect for all indoor spaces in Clallam and Jefferson counties including government facilities, schools and all businesses including restaurants?


Did you know that City Council Members need to disclose if they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 if they are attending a public meeting or place where masks are required?


Is knowing the COVID-19 vaccination status of the City Councilors important for the safety of the community?


Has anyone made a formal request to the Sequim City Clerk, Sara McMillon, asking the COVID-19 vaccination status of the seven Sequim City Council Members?

Day 78, 8/15/2021

What is one thing you can do today, tomorrow, next week or next month to help engage those who may have different political views than you in order to promote the idea that good governance builds community and irresponsible governance divides community? (multiple choice question)

a) Have open hearts and minds

b) Listen respectfully and openly

c) Look for common ground

d) Acknowledge our common humanity

e) Find issues to work together on

f) Some of the above

g) All of the above

h) Something else (please specify)

Day 79, 8/14/2021

What do you think are the top 3 ways to connect with Sequim voters about the SGGL slate of endorsed candidates?

  • Yard Signs

  • Door to Door Canvassing

  • Newspaper Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Handing out Flyers at Public Events

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Meet the Candidate Events

  • Something Else (please specify)

Day 80, 8/13/2021

Did you know that in Washington State, when a person is appointed to fill a nonpartisan vacancy (e.g. Sequim City Council), that person only holds the seat until the next election? And the person elected in that next election shall take office immediately? (RCW 42.12.070)

Translation: If Kathy Downer, Vicki Lowe and Lowell Rathbun win in November, they immediately replace Sarah Kincaid, Mike Pence, and Keith Larkin. If Brandon Janisse and Rachel Anderson win, they continue to hold their seats.

The answer to Day 81’s Question of the Day: 3 out 5 SGGL-endorsed candidates need to be elected to the Sequim City Council in November to put the William Armacost faction in the minority.

Day 81, 8/12/2021

How many SGGL-endorsed candidates need to be elected out of the five running for Sequim City Council to put the William Armacost faction in the minority? (multiple choice question)

a) All 5

b) 4 out of 5

c) 3 out of 5

d) None of the above

Note: Look to tomorrow’s Question of the Day for the answer.

Day 82, 8/11/2021

Should any Sequim City Councilors who have attended the Sturgis 2021 Motorcycle Rally (10 days and nights of riding, food and music for 700,000 Harley riders) quarantine themselves upon return and make a special effort to promote vaccinations and mask wearing?

Day 83, 8/10/2021

At the August 9, 2021 Sequim City Council Meeting, William Armacost was appointed by a vote of 4 to 3 to be the City Council Representative to The Jamestown S’Klallam Healing Clinic‘s Community Advisory Committee. With the recent memory that Mr. Armacost was a strident opponent of the MAT and a member of the SOS Group, do you think this is a positive move that will support community members with substance use disorders?

Day 84, 8/9/2021

What is the background of Charisse Deschenes, the current City of Sequim Interim City Manager? (multiple choice question)

a) Bachelor’s degree in park and resource management from Kansas State University

b) Master of business administration degree from Benedictine College

c) Completion of the Senior Executive Institute from the Weldon Cooper School of Public Management

d) Completion of the Northwest Women’s Leadership Academy

e) All of the above

Day 85, 8/8/2021

Who is credited with the quote: You can tell a bully from a leader by how they treat people who disagree with them.


a) Richard M. Nixon

b) Miles Davis

c) Charlie Bush

d) An unidentified Sequim City Councilor

Day 86, 8/7/2021

What do you think would happen if the Republican Party announced that it was going to organize and host a Presidential Debate between the candidates to be held at the White House? Bonus Question: Why do you think SGGL is posing such an odd question?

Day 87, 8/6/2021

Which Sequim City Councilors earned an Advanced Certificate of Municipal Leadership (CML) from the Association of Washington Cities in 2021? (multiple choice question)

a) Rachel Anderson

b) Brandon Janisse

c) Both Rachel and Brandon

Note: No cheating by going to this website:

Day 88, 8/5/2021

Did you know that appointed Sequim City Councilor Keith Larkin’s stated priorities are…

"The first job of Local Government is public safety.  Radical groups such as Antifa and permanent homelessness are two perils to our rural lifestyle.  We must be able to meet them head on by leveraging all resources in Sequim and surrounding jurisdictions."

How do these align with what issues you think are important for the Sequim-Dungeness Valley?

Day 89, 8/4/2021

How would you describe to a new community member how the Jamestown S’Klallam Healing Clinic is an example of good governance? (Hint: Check out

Day 90, 8/3/2021

Today is Primary Day (please vote) and there are now exactly 90 days until the General Election. What is one thing you will do over the next 90 days to help ensure that the next Sequim City Council is firmly behind good governance, both in word and deed?

Day 91, 8/2/2021

As a follow-up to yesterday’s question and thinking about our belief that good governance builds community and irresponsible governance divides community, can you share any instances you’ve seen over the last year or so in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley that fit the definition of “good governance”?

Day 92, 8/1/2021

At SGGL, we believe that good governance builds community and irresponsible governance divides community. Can you share any instances you’ve seen over the last year or so in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley that fit the definition of “irresponsible governance”?

Day 93, 7/31/2021

There has been so much going on over the last two years in our community and the nation in general that it’s hard to make sense of which way is up and which down. What thought provoking questions do you think are important to pose during the 100-day period leading up the November 2021 elections to help the electorate make informed decisions?

Day 94, 7/30/2021

SGGL has been pointed to as being largely in support of left-leaning candidates, with the exception of Brandon Janisse.

How would you reach out to friends and family who might be on the right-hand side of the political spectrum to show them that good governance is important across the political spectrum?

How can SGGL reach out to encourage voting for the good governance candidate, regardless of party?

Day 95, 7/29/2021

What value do you place on candidate forums? Do you attend all that you can, no matter what organization is hosting or are you selective and why?

Day 96, 7/28/2021

Did you know that the Sequim zip code 98382 covers 224 square miles from Diamond point down to the Buckhorn Wilderness and over to McDonald Creek?

That “greater Sequim” (zip 98382) has 30,000 residents, 8,000 of whom live within the city limits (27%), and that all 30,000 community members pay taxes that supports the city’s $33.5 million annual budget?

And that decisions made by the Sequim City Council affect everyone in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley?

Day 97, 7/27/2021

charlie bush.jpg

Building on the Day 99 question about the Council-Manager Form of Government (where the City Manager is responsible for all day to day operations and it violates state RCWs for to mayor or city councilors to interfere in those operations)…

Can anyone explain why Keith Larkin is currently leading and directing the effort to hire a new city manager when it violates state RCWs for City Councilors to interfere in day to day operations and the Sequim Human Resources Department is more competent, professional and experienced to perform this task?

Day 98, 7/26/2021

charlie bush 2.jpg

Why was Sequim's previous City Manager, Charlie Bush, fired/forced to resign?

a) Charlie led with grace; he listened to all community members; he worked to make Sequim a compassionate, inclusive, and creative community; and he initiated the Year of Kindness proclamation?

b) Charlie did NOT impose his personal agenda on the City of Sequim nor it’s people in our beloved successful community and was the ultimate professional wrapped in kindness?

c) Charlie cared about the youth voice in our community and started the Sequim Youth Task Force which brought multiple agencies together to address the needs of our youth from things for youth to do in Sequim, to addressing the needs of our youth experiencing housing instability or homelessness?

d) Charlie meticulously acted in the best interest of our community, acting with the highest of ethical standards in all matters including legal and regulatory issues related to the new Healing Campus?

e) Or if none of the above, why do you think he was fired/forced to resign?

Day 99, 7/25/2021

Did you know that the City of Sequim has a Council-Manager Form of Government where the City Manager is responsible for all day to day operations and it is illegal for the mayor or city councilors to interfere in those operations?

Day 100, 7/24/2021

Why is today, July 24, 2021, considered Day 100 in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley? (multiple choice question)

  1. The first Irrigation Festival in Sequim began 100 days ago, 100 years ago.

  2. For the first time in recorded history, there will be a lunar eclipse every day for the next 100 days.

  3. The November 2021 election will take place 100 days from now.

For the answer and more info about what SGGL is up to, click here to see the July 24th Blog Post.