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2022-2023 Board Members

Dale has been a member of the first SGGL Board, serving as Treasurer and active board member. He is a retired CPA who owned a healthcare consulting firm in Seattle for 30+ years, working to ensure that at-risk and vulnerable Americans received quality, affordable and timely care. Since 2019, Dale has been a resident of Happy Valley, hiking, biking, participating in CERT, and working to help make the community a better place for all to live.
Dale wants is continuing his work on the Board for another term, focusing on candidate endorsement, government meeting monitoring, financial management, and the other non-exciting tasks involved in running a non-profit organization. Thanks for supporting SGGL.

Dale Jarvis

Chris Walker.jpg

Chris Walker

I am excited to be on the SGGL board and look forward to accomplishing great things for the community.
What I am really interested in is getting back to my roots as an organizer and recruiting more board members and volunteers with face to face contact to encourage participation and volunteering.
To me this is the necessary foundation needed to move SGGL forward with stronger participation in all aspects of SGGL's vision.

Harriet Hopgood

I graduated from UC Davis in 1970, attended graduate school at the University of Kentucky in a PhD program and ultimately returned to California to attend CSU Sacramento. I earned my masters in social work in 1973 with a specialty in planning, policy and administration. I later attended McGeorge School of Law for a year but ultimately decided a career in law was not a good fit for me. 
I began my career in California state service three days after graduation. I spent most years at the CA Dept of Social Services with nine years at the Dept of Developmental Services. 
I take a broad view of “good governance” because to me it touches all areas that impact quality of life. For Sequim I believe that the most pressing issue currently is housing that people can afford and that doesn’t take up such a huge chunk of their income. Without that we will not be able to attract all the people that we need to provide essential services such as caregivers, medical personnel, teachers from preschool and up, etc.
We need to be able to retain a healthy quality of life that includes environmental issues. I’m concerned about loss of farmland as well as water issues. We now have major safety issues because we are not immune to mass shootings and my guess is that our schools are not safe.
I moved here in 2003 and I’ve seen a lot of change over those years. I owned an in home dog boarding business from 2003 until 2015 so I have a perspective as a small business owner. Even though I lived outside the city limits, my address was Sequim and I considered myself a Sequim resident. In 2016 I moved into the city limits and the only change has really been that I vote in city elections. Everything that happens in the city also affects the unincorporated areas. For that reason, I favor retaining the name Sequim Good Governance League for the time being. The city council election was a resounding success but we still have work to do.

Harriet Hopgood.jpg

Karen Hamerquist

My name is Karen Hamerquist. I am a recent (summer 2020) transplant to Sequim, but my parents grew up and were married in Clallam County and I have many family ties here.
I’ve been politically active my whole life, most recently as technical support for LD24 and the Clallam County Democrats. I would love an opportunity to channel that energy in a way that has positive outcomes in our community. I’m interested in fair, affordable housing, equity, justice reform, and reproductive rights as a
I was very impressed with Sequim Good Governance activities during the 2020 Sequim city council elections and would love to be a part of those kinds of actions.

Karen Hammerquist.jpg
michael Lowe.jpg

Michael Lowe

MY Name is Michael Lowe and I'm 75 years old. I was born in Port Angeles and started my childhood in Sequim in a little house in front of the grainery. Both sides of my family are pioneers of Sequim. I'm native American enrolled member of Jamestown S'klallam Tribe. I'm an army veteran and also Gay. Married to my husband for 23 years. I serve on the enrollment and election board and also cemetery committee for the tribe.

Hi, My name is Ruby Coulson, I use she/they pronouns, and I’m a senior at Sequim High School. I’ve lived in Sequim my whole life, and I’ve been connected to this community for as long as I can remember. I’m involved in 4H as a State ambassador for equity and inclusion, high school ASB as Senior Class President , and the state legislature, as the Chair of the Washington State Legislative Youth Advisory Council. I’m passionate about reform and action that makes our community our state and our nation more diverse and free. As an executive member on the board, I plan to represent the youth in our area and bring up the point of view of young people who are often ignored and dismissed in community and policy action. Not only do I have legislative experience — writing, lobbying, and passing bills— but I prioritize  compassion, empathy, and listening to all points of view. I'm honored to be considered an advocate for youth voices, and I will work hard to make sure that all voices, not just my own, represent it. Thank you!

Ruby Coulson

Ruby Coulson.jpeg

PJ Harris

PJ has been serving on the board since summer of 2021 and has been doing social media for SGGL since the very beginning.
She currently is a social media marketer for small businesses, focusing on working with nonprofits, artists and businesses that offer healing and coaching services.
She moved to Sequim from Seattle three years ago fulfilling a lifelong dream of living on the Olympic Peninsula. She has been involved with a local Rotary group. PJ wants To continue to serve on the SGGL Board offering her social media knowledge, past experience with environmental justice, activism and serving on the SGGL Board. Activism and justice are her expression of love for her community.


Previous Board Members

Eileen Cummings
Natalia Fandal
Nicole Hartman
Ricky Johnson
Patrice Johnston
Vicki Lowe
Candace Pratt
Lowell Rathbun
Ken Stringer
Shenna Younger 


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