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Rachel Anderson has served in the Sequim community for almost 5 years, holding a variety of roles and titles throughout her volunteer career. However, the first thing her friends and family will tell you is that she has never forgotten who she advocates for.


Committed to serving the community, Rachel Anderson has set her standards high, and will continue to work diligently while actively listening to constituents.


She was appointed to Sequim City Council in February 2021 and has loved working with city staff and hearing other council members' input.


Rachel shares on her website, "I am running for city council because I feel that there isn’t enough representation for low-income and young families in our area. My main concerns surround affordable housing, small business opportunities, and mental health advocacy, while applying good governance practices.

My main priorities are inclusiveness and unity, in order to bring people together to share common goals. Our country has been so divided and I believe it’s past time for us to come together to make Sequim better. We may not see eye-to-eye, but we can still respect each other. We may disagree, but we can agree that we love Sequim and we want what is best for the community."

(Rachel is running for reelection for Position 4 of the Sequim City Council, competing against Daryl Ness)

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Kathy is running for election to the City Council because she wants to help reinstate good governance at our City Hall. She was deeply troubled by the City Council’s decision to relieve City Manager Charlie Bush of his duties. No reason was given for the “city council requested resignation” other than “philosophical differences.” That lack of transparency — especially from a city council with a majority of appointed, not elected, members – is not acceptable. Compounding the Council’s apparent disregard of the public in the handling of the city manager position was the additional expense those actions imposed on the taxpayers. The city manager’s resignation necessitated a severance package and funding for a nation-wide search for a replacement manager. Having previously served on a city council, she knows what it takes to hire a good city manager and how to ensure proper stewardship of the city’s money. She also knows the importance of careful, competent planning for the future.  


We need well-tempered, rational decision-making by the City Council. We need transparency for Council actions. We need the interests of the city’s residents to take precedence over personal animosities. She wants to contribute to those changes and request your support on Election Day to reach those goals.

(Kathy is running for Position 2 of the Sequim City Council, competing against Sarah Kincaid)



Brandon has lived in Sequim from 1999-2003, then joined the military and moved back to Sequim in 2009.

His employment history includes:

Control Room Tech at Clallam County Jail, Department Manager at Walmart, Planning Commissioner with City of Sequim, Military Police Soldier with United States Army with a tour of duty in Iraq.


He is running for re-election to continue serving Sequim citizens. He believes Sequim is a great community but is facing some heavy challenges. 


It’s critical that we hire a city manager. This is our first priority to ensure smooth operations with Sequim’s day-to-day operations.

 "I will always have an open-door policy and am always willing to listen to anyone has comments/concerns."

He is very concerned with how council is currently functioning and looks forward to being a strong voice at the table considering his longevity and willingness to hear from any community members. 


Hiring a new city manager is the top issue for the city. Our city is a council/manager form of government so we need to get that city manager installed soon. 


Workforce housing is another issue that is of great importance. We need to make sure our code allows a multitude of different development types that can spur responsible and rational development. Because Sequim does not qualify for Multi-family housing credit, it’s hard to compete with other towns for apartment type housing that is affordable. Land trusts are also an option. 


Jobs are still a priority. Family wage jobs are also a priority. He has been working with numerous parties to attract these types of companies. 

Looking at the feasibility of an emergency clinic is also something that needs to continue happening.

(Brandon is running for reelection for Position 5 of the Sequim City Council, competing against Patrick Day)



Vicki Lowe is a lifelong Sequim resident. She descend from both pioneer family and the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. She is running for Position #3 on the Sequim City Council.

She embraces an identity for Sequim that is inclusive, one that honors people for who they are and understands that we each bring a unique perspective with us. The role of the city government is to represent every city resident. She feels her perspective will add a voice not currently heard on our City Council. As a council member, she wants to ensure issues, goals, and priorities are thoughtfully understood, ensuring that decisions made consider both public interest and impact. It is also vital for the City Government to build ties to and connections with other organizations in Clallam County to serve the needs of our citizens. City Councilors need to act as innovators, role models, conduits for information exchange, and “positive disruptors.


Having lived in the Sequim area her entire life; fifty (50) of the last fifty-five (55) years have been within the city limits, Vicki's roots go deep in the community. Her grandparents, parents, four sisters, children, and now grandchildren are attended or are currently enrolled in Sequim schools. Her first job, at age eleven, was working in her parents’ grocery store/gas station, Tom-Tom's, on the corner of Fifth and Washington Streets, where Rite Aid now sits.


She has twenty-four years’ experience working locally and at the state level in health and social services administration and policy development—assets that will serve our City well. She was appointed to the Washington State Women’s Commission in September 2020 and joined the City of Sequim’s Planning Commission in April 2021.


She is interested in exploring ways to attract businesses that have year-round, consistent, and stable sources of revenue so it becomes less economically dependent on seasonal tourism and can better endure economic downturns.


She sees affordable housing for younger families, low income, elders, and disabled members of the community to be critical to the health of the community.


“Sequim is surrounded by beauty. In my lifetime, I have watched this small town become a city. My hope for my grandchildren is for them to be able to grow up here in the kind of town I grew up in—a community filled with caring people in service to one another.”

(Vicki is running for Position 3 of the Sequim City Council, competing against Mike Pence)



Lowell is a married, 73 year old retired electronic design engineer who has lived in the Pacific Northwest for more than 25 years. He was attracted to Sequim because of it's beauty, climate and sailing opportunities. He has stayed because of the people who live here. Read more about him on his "Meet Lowell" page. 


He was first drawn to attend City Council meetings during the Healing Clinic controversy back in 2020. He was appalled by what he saw: a chaotic city council, dominated by the mayor and some unelected supporters seeking to impose an unspoken agenda on our city. Many people have lost trust in their city government. This must stop. This city and community have a lot of important opportunities and challenges to address. Read more about this on the his "Issues" page.


Sequim is much more than a "sleepy retirement town". Sequim is unique: it is a friendly, dynamic, and growing town with deep roots in the past. Its people are highly diverse, skilled and compassionate. He would like to help this town to confidently embrace the future with continued energy and creativity.


He would be honored to have your vote and serve as your representative on the city council. He will always be ready to listen to you and hear what you want and need from your city government.


Let's work together, move forward confidently and maintain Sequim as a dynamic, diverse, and friendly place to live and work.

(Lowell is running for Position 6 of the Sequim City Council, competing against Keith Larkin)

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